The Bibliostratigraphy of Eric Lee is a book that organizes the books in my personal library. It is not organized by author, title, topic, date published, but instead this is an archaeological and typographic dig through my books with the bookmarks acting as artifacts left inside for us to discover and wonder what it means in the context of the year it was obtained. 
The book uses no images, only typography. 
This book is organized into eight sections for the eight types of bookmarks found within the books I own.
This is a personal history of my interests through the years but also a history of the particular copies of these books who each have had their own lives and their own history.  

To indicate how much of the book I finished reading each right page contains statistics about the book in the form of varying amounts of the text "Brief Notes on the Art and Manner of Arranging One’s Books" by George Perec.
Since I was not going to use images I instead chose to show the bookmarks by using the text found on each one in the same length and width as they would be in real life. 
Here is a typographic reproduction of every single text found on a one dollar bill. It lays on top of the Perec text which wraps around the bookmark as needed. 

On the left pages the titles are color-coded in the long list on the right. That list is ordered by the date I obtained them, the oldest being at the bottom and the most recent at the top. This colorful block of text is the stratigraphy.  
The book that is being addressed on this page is written in white on the list to give a clearer indication of when it was obtained. 
Like real archaeology the older artifacts have less specific dates attached to them and dating methods for finding out when the book was obtained must rely on memory and oral traditions to give context to the bookmarks found. This exploration is done in the paragraphs of the Date Verification and the Bookmark Analysis. 
I made use of negative space on bookmarks without any type of text or writing on them by making sure they were shown on top of the Perec text. This was more effective on books that I had read more of. This type of bookmark made dating when the book was obtained more difficult but treating these like a mystery is where the some of the fun was found in this project.
Project : Graphic Design IV: Data Visualisation
Concept/ Design :  Eric Lee
Creative Suite
Design : Adobe InDesign
Mockup : Adobe Photoshop

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